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  • #2306 Freckles Bot 

    A one of a kind found object robot sculpted by Cheri Kudja. Freckles bot is ready to woo his girl with a vintage rose pin I found at the Mount Dora Antique Extravaganza this past January. It’s so cute and reminds me of one my grandma used to always wear so when I find them I usually hang onto them for a while until the right piece comes along to use it in. Freckles is the right piece. He’s dressed to impress with his vintage bow made from a vintage brass bow off a vintage ring.

    He is made from a vintage candy tin from France with great graphics of a gorgeous French maiden and a sheep herder. It has a lot of wear and patina and had a few holes in it but should still be enjoyed for its charm. His head is made with a vintage yellow Bakelite pool ball that has tons of little brown pits or spots so that’s how he got his name, they look like freckles. His arms are made from spark plugs I picked up from the street near my kids school and his legs are old vintage brass harps I picked up at a swap meet in a box of old rusty crusty tarnished parts and some scrapped leveling feet.  

    He is so cute with his eyes, an old window latch and I used the underscore of the 9 or 6 grin. His hat is made with a cute little vintage pedal car hubcap I bought from a friend who restores old pedal cars. He’s got a lot of charm! 

    He has no working parts and is intended to be just a cool conversation piece. He has a tiny little heart inside, as all my bots do, which represents the new life these vintage items will live as recycled art.

    He is about 10” tall, 7” wide & 3” deep

    DOB 10/28/2017

    2017 © Bitti Bots by CKudja

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