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My name is Cheri & I've been making found object robots for many years now. It started as a project with one of my daughters, but it has quickly become this "closet artists" passion. The thought of one of my little creations adorning a shelf, a desk, a kids room, etc., or being given as a gift, gives me great joy as I'm giving a part of me with each little creation. I enjoy making each one of these little Bitti Bots!

I love to tinker with small found objects, hardware & jewelry scraps. I'm often spotted jumping out of cars picking up spark plugs & lug nuts as most of my creations contain 95% of recycled or upcycled items. My friends & family now understand I'm not just a pack rat, or crazy, I actually use the stuff I find to create something.

I just love, love, love robots! The more the merrier. I find each one incredibly adorable, unique in design and personality. In my shop, you will find robots from all types of animals, professions, bugs, etc. If you don't see one exactly like you want, contact me and send me a message. I will respond quickly. I've done hundreds of custom orders now & I love the challenge to create something I hadn't necessarily thought of.

Enjoy browsing my website, the smiles are free!

                                          Cheri Rhodig

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